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Your 3d-prints are only one click away with OctoBar

The perfect OctoPrint companion for macOS users.

⏳ OctoBar is work in progress.
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  • View status of a running print job
  • Pause/Stop print jobs
  • Control tool and bed temperatures
  • View webcam stream in the status bar menu
  • Picture-in-Picture webcam stream
  • Receive notifications on print events (Print started/stopped/paused/resumed)

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OctoBar control window

Control OctoPrint from your status bar

OctoBar control window

Control printer movement and issue custom commands

OctoBar webcam window

Always keep an eye on your prints with the webcam viewer

OctoBar control window

Set target bed and tool temperatures manually or from presets

OctoBar preferences window

Configure notifications and more